H.H Sri Vishwothama Theertha Swamiji

Sri Sode Vadiraja Matha

H.H Sri Vishwavallabha Theertha Swamiji

281 km north of Mangalore is a small village by the name of Sode. It is also known as Sodha, Sonda and Swadi. This village is special because it is the headquarters of the Sode Matha. The Sode Matha is part of the Ashta Mathas set up by Sri Madhvacharya. A lake known as the Hayagriva Samudra is located just outside the matha. To the west of the lake, visitors can see the Dhwaja Stamba with depictions of the Hamsa and Garuda in front of the Rama Thrivikrama temple. the first stage of the matha. Ahead of this, on the second stage, are the Rajangana and the matha offices. This is the main entrance to the matha. Two wells known as the Antaraganga and Sheetalaganga are on this level.

The Dhavala Ganga tank and Sheethala Ganga tank are set on the lowest stage. The Pancha Vrindavans is located to the east of these tanks. Four Vrindavans representing the presence of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Vayu form a perfect square with Sri Vadiraja Teertha’s Vrindavan in the center. A stone inscription of the Anuvrindavanakhyana can be seen beside Sri Vadiraja Teertha’s Vrindavan. The Sri Vedavyasa temple is located opposite this. In the north is Naga Vana and on the right is the Bhootharaja Temple. Further, towards the east, are tombs of ten holy seers.


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