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Special Note

  • Devotee's may receive daily seva prasad from the "Swamiji" or Archaka's after the lunch at the ShreeMatha
  • Those who want to perform seva's in there absence may send seva Kanike through D.D / Cheque / M.O. / Online To the above mentioned address. Prasad will be delivered to them through Post
  • Kindly enquire at the office of the ShreeMath for Upanayana and other Havanas.
  • The articles required for Upanayana and other Havanas will be provided by the Shreemath only.
  • For any Havanas there will be Purohit Dakshina,Danada Dakshina, Assistant Dakshina and coins which will be charged separately.
  • The Doer (Karta) may bring flowers and fruits if required / they wish.
  • The Barbar's Charges will be seperate for Chavalapanayana .
  • There will be seperate Dakshina and charges of articles for vayanadana.
  • Cost of Fruits and Dakshina will be charged seperately for Phaladana.
  • All Sevas at the Shreemath should be registered one month in advance at the Shreemath's Office.
  • All Devotees are requested to be bound by Shreemath's Rules.
  • In the absence of Shreemath's purohit other Purohits may be entrusted the work with the consent of Shreemath's Purohit.
  • Any changes in dates/cancellation/post-ponements of Sevas should be informed to the Shreemath's office immediately.
  • No other Seva's/Havana's not mentioned above will not be performed at the Shree Math.